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Our Commitment to Sandwich Artists™

'The Project' television show recently aired unproven allegations against two franchisees in Australia. We have requested more specific information to effectively investigate these claims. We are conducting a thorough internal investigation, and if we discover any misconduct, we will take action. These unproven allegations do not represent the actions of our 800+ hard working franchisees, who are proud of the service they provide to their communities.

Subway® Restaurants operate under a franchise business model. We have over 800 franchisees in Australia, who are members of their local communities.

Our Franchisees employ more than 15,000 Sandwich Artists™ across the country. While Subway Head Office does not employ any Sandwich Artist™ in Australia, we require that our franchisees follow all local laws and pay their employees fairly. Franchisees have access to industry-leading education & advice via an online and telephone support system, staffed by dedicated employment lawyers, for all workplace law questions.

If a Sandwich Artist™ has a concern regarding their employment, we encourage them to contact us directly on 1800 630 355 so we can direct them to resources to look into any potential concerns. If an employee can provide specific information, we can investigate and consider action as appropriate. We take these matters seriously and do not tolerate breaches of employment law.

We are committed to ensuring that if you work in a Subway® store, you are paid your fair wage. In the cases where a mistake has occurred, we work hard with the franchisee to ensure it’s made right.